Why Your Teeth Are Important

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Why Your Teeth Are Important

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Why Your Teeth Are Important

How can dental implants ensure an excellent way of life?

Your lovely smile does more than only convey your joy to others. More significantly, teeth serve as a gateway to proper diet and overall health. They essentially keep your engine going by preparing your meals for digestion and absorption, therefore powering your body. People who are unable to chew correctly are compelled to eat unhealthy, high-carbohydrate, processed foods that are devoid of vitamins and minerals. So, although the appearance of your teeth is vital, the function of your teeth is crucial!

Dental implants enable patients to replace teeth that have been lost due to wear and tear. Implants are basically a replacement for the root of your tooth.

Single teeth may be replaced with dental implants in as little as one treatment session. Preventing bite collapse by stabilizing nearby teeth from moving. Multiple teeth may be replaced with implants, restoring a patient's bite in the rear for grinding food or replacing front teeth for tearing food.

Your teeth are the doorway to a healthy diet. Even a single missing tooth may cause adjacent teeth to drift into space and the opposing tooth to slip down. The bite may collapse in a few of years if left untreated. Replacing lost teeth is critical for function as well as aesthetics in the front teeth.

The back teeth are meant to crush up the food and break it down into little bits that are simple to absorb and digest in the gastrointestinal tract and stomach. The front teeth begin the process by shredding the food, which is then directed backward by the tongue, where it is further crushed and compacted by the bigger rear Molars, ready for swallowing with the enzymes in the saliva. The easier it is for the stomach to absorb minerals and vitamins from meals, the more time the teeth are utilized to mash up food.

So come in for a free consultation on restoring that one lost tooth and avoiding bite collapse and other potential issues that may need removable Partial Dentures and ultimately Complete Dentures to fix or if you need a full mouth Solution come on in to learn about how affordable that brand new smile truely is.

Dentures Are No Longer Standard Of Care For Replacement Of Natural Teeth!!!

Complete Dentures are the old answer to fix a full arch of missing teeth. Dentures do not chew as well as natural teeth, providing only one fourth or 25% of the chewing force of your god given teeth. As a dental patient, if you knew the problems that come out of not fixing a single missing tooth that dentists know, you would fix the little problem yesterday before it becomes a huge expensive fix later down the road.

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