Teeth in a Day in San Diego, CA

teeth in a day san diego

Teeth in a Day? In San Diego, California, state-of-the-art dentistry is now accessible. Wouldn't it be great if you could obtain a tooth or all of your teeth in a single day? Yes, how is it even possible? The process of replacing teeth has gone computerized! Whereas complete arches may be restored in rare situations, one or more teeth are more often replaced in a single dental appointment.

Small diameter implants that are quickly stabilized in the mouth and can support teeth the same day they are installed are among the advancements in dental implant technology. Digital concepts in scanning the mouth with Cone Beam (CT) scanning [think big X-Ray] and computer Cad/Cam milling of Ceramic for porcelain Crowns-Single teeth, Bridges-Multiple teeth, or even Acrylic Pucs for an Immediate Full arch are now possible to fabricate and deliver before we even touch the mouth with anything other than a few impressions and measurements. This is absolutely cutting-edge technology!

What's the catch, then? As you may expect, the most recent improvements in contemporary dentistry are costly, and a few planning appointments are required. We discuss the care and completely educate the patient about the process at these sessions, plan our big day, examine the patient's health history, coordinate any comfort meds, and arrange transportation to and from the office, among other things. Nothing out of the usual, we guarantee; come in for a no-obligation free consultation and discover what is genuinely possible in the modern era of dental treatment.

Existing dental work, broken down natural teeth, retained root tips, and other such issues are the sole Achilles Heel or limitation in one-day emergency treatment. Why??? Existing work may be in many levels of disrepair: it may need to be mended, repaired, worn down, or broken, or it may simply need to be removed and cleaned out of the way.

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