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Mini Dental Implant

mini dental implant technology
affordable dental implants in san diego

In San Diego, California

Dr. Victor Sendax and the IMTEC Corporation created the IMTEC Sendax Mini Dental Implant that Dr. Rebecca El-Khoury utilizes. These titanium mini-implants have a diameter of 1.8mm and are composed of a titanium alloy. These "little miracles" were created to provide patients who can't handle the rigors of conventional implant surgery, don't have enough bone to insert full-sized implants, or are transitioning from one prosthetic system to another more stability with their dentures. Minimally invasive implant placement is possible thanks to non-surgical mini dental implant technology. There are no stitches or gum flapping, as there are with traditional implants. This, in turn, leads to a considerably faster healing period and less gum discomfort. With standard implants, the period between implant placement and actual crown or denture installation may be as long as six (6) months, but your crown or denture can be set on the Mini Dental Implant the same day as the implant surgery. In fact, you may have your MDIs implanted in the morning and have your favorite lunch the same day with no discomfort. With traditional implants, this is entirely out of the question. In conclusion, the Mini Dental Implant system is one of the most important advancements in contemporary dentistry in the last 25 years. Dr. Rebecca El-Khoury employs cutting-edge technology to give affordable dental implants and mini dental implants in San Diego, California.


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